My Geodes™
For young readers, the only thing more exciting than reading a Geodes book is sharing what they discovered inside with their families. My Geodes are take home books that include all the titles in both print and digital formats so students can practice their reading at home and share the knowledge they're building with family members. 

To support a shared experience with family, the More section in My Geodes are in both English and Spanish. Turn to page 16 of Brown v. Board of Education in the My Geode sample to learn more about Thurgood Marshall in the More or Más section of the book.
Geodes are accessible, knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers, aligned with the developmental stages of the Wilson Fundations® foundational reading program. 
Each book in the collection is designed to cultivate a deep reading experience, enabling students to apply decoding skills while building knowledge in history, science, and the arts.
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